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Wish you were the other sex?
Find out why.

Following the recent ascent of the transgender movement, millions of people became aware of transgenderism. But a fundamental question remained unanswered:

What causes people to be transgender?

In Autoheterosexual: Attracted to Being the Other Sex, Phil Illy gives you a straight answer: there are two types of sexual orientation that cause gender dysphoria and the desire to transition gender. Both orientations are similarly common, and both are gender-based:

  1. Homosexuality— attraction to the same sex
  2. Autoheterosexuality— attraction to being the other sex

Autoheterosexuality is straight, turned inside out. Whereas regular heterosexuality drives a desire to be with people of the other sex, autoheterosexuality drives a desire to be like the other sex in body, mind, expression, or identity.

This love of oneself as the other sex can be so meaningful that autoheterosexuals pursue gender transition in order to live as a version of themselves that they can love, take pride in, and actually care about.

Informed by more than a century of sexual research, Autoheterosexual demystifies sexual orientation, gender, and transgenderism so that readers can better understand themselves and those they love.

Learn more about the most common kind of trans. 
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Meet Phil Illy

Phil Illy is an autoheterosexual author who aims to mainstream autoheterosexuality and destigmatize it so that more of his kind can jettison shame and live in union with their inner cross-gender spirit.

Prior to writing a book about his sexual orientation, Phil received degrees in physics and mechanical engineering before retiring to Portland, Oregon, where he became best known for his skill at handstand twerking and juggling hula hoops.

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